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All latest news and updates about NBA 2K16.

NBA 2K16 Features Info

NBA 2K16 First Features Information: New Teams Added, Shoes More Real, Authentic Crowds & Player Movement

Rachel Demita visited 2K headquarters to know more about the upcoming NBA 2K16 game and what we can expect from it. She managed to talk about 4 different aspects in…

NBA 2K16 Pre-Order

NBA 2K16 Pre-Order Bonus & Release Date Revealed

A week ago, 2K games, developers of NBA games officially announced the NBA 2K16 game and on Tuesday online retailers, Amazon and Gamespot revealed the pre-order bonuses that every buyer…

NBA 2K16 Pre-Order Available

NBA 2K16 Available For Pre-Order In UK

This month is showering awesome news for the fans of NBA 2K. Not many days have been passed since release date of NBA 2k16 announced, though not an exact date….

NBA 2K16 Release Date Is October 2015

NBA 2K16 Officially Confirmed: Release Date Not Revealed

Developer of the NBA games – 2k Games – has never let any official news to become visible among the NBA fans or gaming news seekers before it is officially…

NBA 2K16 Tagline And Cover

NBA 2K16 Tagline Leaked And Spike Lee Joins It: Reports

After a long time, we have got some reports and news to share with you about NBA 2K16. The reports shares details about covers and tagline of NBA 2K16 game….

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 Release Date, Features And Rumors Round Up

As you know that NBA is a popular basketball sport in the USA and despite the fact that there is a lot of time for NBA 2K16 to get announce…

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 Game Is In Development & Body Scans: Confirmed

The NBA 2K16 game is rumored to get launched by the end of this year, 2015. It has been confirmed that NBA 2K16 game is in development after the news…