NBA 2K16 Brings 2K Pro Am Features Instant Matchmaking, Customization Of Teams And More

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2K has announced new features 2K Pro-Am, a new mode for MyPlayer in NBA 2K16. 2K revealed the details of this new mode with a new trailer.

NBA 2K16 Brings 2K Pro Am Features

This new mode brings 5-on-5 matches of MyPlayers using NBA rules, and up to 40 players can play in a venue simultaneously. In this mode you can prove your team is the best by rising the ranks of leaderboards. This mode also gives the freedom to design your own logos, jerseys, and arenas for your team.

In customization you can change colors, number size, stripe configurations, collar types, mesh patterns, resizing text, logos and so much more. Not only this you can also customize your arena like ground, floor pattern, customized text on the floors & sidelines and also you can upload custom images.

You will be able to upload images for NBA 2KPROAM, MyTEAM and MyLEAGUE through site.

NBA 2K16 2K Pro-Am Features:

NBA 2K16 Pro Am Features

  • Instant matchmaking against similarly ranked opponents
  • Customization of logo, arena and uniforms
  • Chance to prove your team is the best in NBA 2K16 by rising the ranks of the leaderboards
  • Watch the official trailer below of 2K Pro-Am

2K also revealed NBA 2K16 soundtrack which features award winning trio DJ Premier, DJ Khaled And DJ Mustard. We also know, this year in NBA 2K16 we will see new teams, shoes will look more real, crowds will be lifelike & improvement in player movement. NBA Summer league will also be returning to NBA 2K16. Special NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan edition is also coming this year.

NBA 2K16 is schedule to release on September 29 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC. But if you pre-order you will get it 4 days earlier on 25 September. The year the game features Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis & James Harden on the game cover.

NBA 2K16 Pre-Order Ads