NBA 2K16 New Classic Teams Details And Colleges Teams Update

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2K Sports has started revealing classic team details of NBA 2K16 game. Twelve teams revealed were ’07-’08 Boston Celtics, ’12-’13 Miami Heat, ’00-’01 Lakers, ’03-’04 Pistons, 2000 Raptors, 2008 Rockets, ’02-’03 Mavericks, ’99-’00 Trail Blazers, ’04-’05 Phoenix Suns, ’05-’06 Miami Heat, ’06-’07 Cavs & ’03-’04 Timberwolves which are added to the list of classic teams.

Update On 22 September: Recent reports confirm, there will be 10 new colleges teams in NBA 2K16. Those colleges teams included in NBA 2K16 are Arizona, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Texas, UCONN, UCLA, Villanova and Wisconsin.

The above list of colleges teams in NBA 2K16 in MyCareer is officially confirmed:

NBA 2K16 Classic Teams Full List


Ronnie 2K mentions total will be 12 new classic teams and 3 teams were already confirmed in a episode of NBA 2KTV 99-’00 Raptors, ’07-08 Celtics and ’00-’01 Lakers.

12 new classic teams that has been added in NBA 2K16 are ’12-’13 Miami Heat, ’03-’04 Pistons, 2000 Raptors, 2008 Rockets, ’07-08 Boston Celtics, ’00-’01 Lakers, ’02-’03 Mavericks, ’99-’00 Trail Blazers, ’04-’05 Phoenix Suns, ’05-’06 Miami Heat, ’06-’07 Cavs & ’03-’04 Timberwolves.

Earlier 2K Sports also revealed NBA 2K16 screenshots2K Pro Am features and NBA 2K16 soundtrack which features award winning trio DJ Premier, DJ Khaled And DJ Mustard. NBA Summer league will also be returning to NBA 2K16 and special NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan edition is also coming this year.

NBA 2K16 is schedule to release on September 29 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC. But if you pre-order you will get it 4 days earlier on 25 September.

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