NBA 2K16 Feature Update: Green Releases No Longer 100%

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Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K16 confirmed on Twitter green releases are much rarer and no longer 100% in NBA 2K16. He tweeted:

On OperationSports forum, he further said:

NBA 2K16 Green Releases

“There have been battles even internally over missed green releases, especially now that they’re so hard to get. I really think it’s an unsolvable problem. The best news I can give you is that our shots engineer has made just about every knob I use to tune shooting modifiable on the server side post release just like a roster update. So if there’s something the community isn’t happy with I can tweak the system and update your games without the need for a patch. So what happened with patch 4 last year will never happen again”

2K Sports also revealed NBA 2K16 screenshots, gameplay videos, new classic teams, 2K Pro Am features and NBA 2K16 soundtrack which features award winning trio DJ Premier, DJ Khaled And DJ Mustard. NBA Summer league will also be returning to NBA 2K16 and special NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan edition is also coming this year.

NBA 2K16 is schedule to release on September 29 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC. But if you pre-order you will get it 4 days earlier on 25 September.

NBA 2K16 Pre-Order Ads