NBA 2K16 Game Is In Development & Body Scans: Confirmed

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The NBA 2K16 game is rumored to get launched by the end of this year, 2015. It has been confirmed that NBA 2K16 game is in development after the news got released on their Twitter Accounts. The players associated in this game were getting body scanned. Check the below tweet.

Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets posted tweets of certain players that too in front of the several powerful camcorders surrounding their player’s bodies. Along with this they have a tag attached with it namely #NBA2K16 in the tweet. Here is one more tweet.

The prediction for the NBA 2K16 cover is well underway its 16th edition. Based on the concept of the real game, the excitement can be experienced following the cover images designed videos shared on Youtube by the fans.

NBA 2K16 Wishlist Features

  1. Improved Simulation of the sophisticated graphics without which the game is just left incomplete.
  2. The Improved rating system just to enable the difference between the gold team and also the bronze team.
  3. The contract features of the – Myteam mode either should be improved or rather removed replacing the much better options.
  4. The overall skills are enlisted expected to be seen on the game.
  5. Improve the crowd and present the basketball floor more real with that of the animations and the game play strategies.
  6. The quintessence of every video game lies in its simulation and thus follows the logical pattern of realism.

You can check out full NBA 2K16 wishlist here. The release date of the game is supposed to be sometime around October 2015-2016 NBA season.

NBA 2K16 Pre-Order Ads