NBA 2K16 Release Date, Features And Rumors Round Up

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As you know that NBA is a popular basketball sport in the USA and despite the fact that there is a lot of time for NBA 2K16 to get announce but enthusiasts of the sport are anxiously sharing updates regarding the sport. The previous version of the sport had been highly successful and this led the organizers feel that the NBA 2K16 which is expected to release sometime in October. The previous year the developments included face scanning of teams participating in the games but in the current version, reports claim that there will be a full body scan instead of just a face scan. Here we share NBA 2K16 news, release date and features wishlist.

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 News:

Reports suggest that unlike the game that was organized in the previous year where only the player’s face were scanned, the game that is to be held this year will have the body of the players scanned. It is not all, the players will have a tag #NBA2K16 attached to them. The game is in the 16th editions this year. The cover images, design videos that are shared on various social media sites including YouTube and Twitter give a lucid picture about the popularity of the game among fans and followers of the game.

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NBA 2K16 Features Wishlist:

The improved version of the game has several features and wish list. In this blog only six important ones will be discussed in detail.

  • Gaming situations have Improved Simulation Features: If a video game has better simulation features then it is considered to be interesting. Apart from sophistication in graphics, enthusiasts of the game prefer good simulation features. Simulation gives a better gaming experience to the players before the matches actually commence. It helps to increase the performance of the game. Even low rated players, by using the simulator enhances his performance level and makes the game entertaining for the viewers. The video game or the simulator is modelled on the real game and playing it boosts the dexterity level of the players. Using a logical pattern, the video game helps players understand their week points so that they can work on them to make themselves more efficient on the field.
  • My team Mode Featuring More Changes: My team mode is another feature wanted in the NBA 2K16 game. In this mode, the player sees either an improvement in their contract features or removing it altogether so that better options is devised for the creation of a basketball team. The NBA team is created on the basis of tournaments and challenges in the offline mode. The teams participate in a round robin tournament to move up the tournament ladder based on their skills and performance. This is an important feature of the game that allows only the best team to participate and perform in the NBA tournament.
  • Improve The Rating System: The NBA 2K16 should have an updated ranking system so that the bronze and the gold teams can be differentiated in a better way. If the difference in performance levels is very less, the modern ranking system will track this marginal difference and will award the teams on the basis of their performance in the game. This feature adds credibility to the game and candidly differentiates the low rated teams from the higher ones.
  • Sports are A Basic Aspect and Not Money: Yet another feature that a fan of this game will see in the modern version of the game is that a sport is being encouraged and for that the players need not pay money to practise it. If a player plays the video game for practice purposes mainly to enhance his skills in the game and if he has to pay for doing so then sports are very much discouraged.
  • Reduction in Fouls: Hopefully players will get to see in the NBA 2K16 lesser number of foul calls than its previous predecessor.
  • Players Exhibiting Skills on The Basis of Rating: Players possessing high ratings for certain skills like dribbling, passing the ball is expected to perform according to their ratings in the modern version of the game. Earlier versions witnessed that even high rated players fumbled with the ball while the game is on. In the new version of the game the players need to exhibit efficiency in ball passing and accuracy as per their ratings in the game.

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NBA 2K16 Release Date:

The NBA series has always captivated the minds of the basket ball fans. Recent alterations in this game also enhance the attractiveness of the game among its fans. The previous version of the game had improved game play and advanced graphics. All these features led to the incredible success of the game. The fans are expecting something new from the technology point of view that can make fewer defaults in the game and more physical interaction. Reports suggest NBA 2K16 is expected to release in October 2015.

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