NBA 2K16 Wishlist Features: New Ideas & Improvement

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With the release of NBA 2K15 featuring superstar Kevin Durant on the cover, the pro basketball game is well underway to its 16th edition. Based on the concept of the NBA and featuring highly rated stars it was first conceived in 1999, the latest version despite glitches, promises to elevate the franchise to the next gen level.

NBA 2K16 Wishlist Features

Despite of the NBA 2k game being a big hit with fans worldwide there are certain aspects of the game that needs improvement if 2k sports are serious on meeting next gen standards. Here we share NBA 2k16 wishlist features.

NBA 2K16 Features (Wishlist):

1. Improved Simulation Of Situations:

The essence of every video game lies in its simulation. Just highly sophisticated graphics don’t make a game. It is the entire experience which simulates what the NBA is all about. Thus no one wants to see low rated players performing way above their skills. The video game should follow a logical pattern of realism. Ratings should be reduced for simple attributes of the game like dunking and layups

2. Myteam Mode Should Feature Changes:

In Myteam mode, contract features should be either improved or removed with better options for creating a team based on challenges and tournaments in offline mode. Teams should earn their way up the tournament through development of player skills.

3. Improved Rating System:

A better rating system should be set into place to enable some differentiation between gold and bronze teams. It makes no sense with both teams rated with minute margins. Low rated teams should feature a system that build up rookies from scratch to lend more credibility to the game.

4. Keep Sports A Fundamental Aspect Not Money:

What is the point of playing a realistic video game when you know that you’re going to have to pay to win a game. 2k sports should realize that the feature of mini payments for benefits is detrimental to the spirit of the game. Although one understands that such transactions earn monetary income for 2k sports still focus on the main elements of sport should be concentrated upon and that is performance.

5. Reduction Of Fouls:

Players seem to be getting too many free throws from innumerous foul calls.

6. Inconsistency In Player Rating And Specific Skill:

Players that have high ratings for specific skills such as ball passing and dribbling should be made to perform on par with the rating. High hand rated players appear to fumble with the ball during the game. Passing skills of high rated players should feature more accuracy.

7. Improved Rebound Skills For 7 Footers:

Fans have noticed 7 footers being unable to collect rebounds; alternately passes are being collected without a player even facing the ball.

8. Improve Servers:

Server problems cause late release of balls resulting in wide shots. Many suggest that with the side transactions earned off the game while in play developers should pump some more finance into improvement of servers free from any glitches and hang-ups.

Even though NBA 2K15 is being received with a positive response, ultimately it is the performance of the game that will matter most to fans worldwide. Developers should take serious note of the improvements which will provide a better playing platform that is sure to raise the level of the game to an all-time high.

So share you wishlist feature of NBA 2k16 in the comments below.

Update on 26 November 2014:

Based on the response we recieved on NBA 2K wishlist in the comments section, we are adding few more features. In future also we will continously update the list, so make sure you add your valuable comment at the end of this post.

Other Features Wishlist:

  • Adding some technical fouls & fighting
  • Improve gameplay and animation
  • Improve the crowd and basketball floor more real
  • Freely create custom teams with custom jerseys

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