New NBA 2K16 Companion App For iOS and Android Coming This Fall: October 1st 2015

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Updated On 15th October:

2K Sports has released the NBA 2K16 for mobile devices running Android and iOS operating system. The game is available for download for $7.99 on both Google play store and Apple App Store.

Here are the download link:

Android: Google Play
iOS: Apple App Store

Updated On 1st October:

MyNBA2K16 app is released features new MyTEAM Mobile and new ways to earn VC. You can download the app for free to start playing it. Here are the download links For MyNBA2K16 – iOS, Google Play and Amazon.

Paul George is announced as the cover athlete of MyNBA2K16 app which is schedule to release on October 1st 2015.

This season the new series of NBA 2K16 is playing big as they have just revealed the companion app for iOS and Android devices will be coming this Fall 2015. MyNBA2K16 app will enhance the gaming experience with new features, new cards, and bigger events.

There is great news for all those who have used this companion app for NBA 2K15 last year, their collection will not be left behind, as they will be rewarded with loyalty points to carry in the new NBA2K16 app. One will receive the loyalty rewards solely based on the amount of the Greats, The Greats Pros, Playoffs, and Playoff Pro cards that one possess in his MyCard Collection.

NBA 2K16 Companion App For iOS and Android

Source – MyNBA2K Tumblr

The mechanism of distributing rewards is split up into different stages. One must score high in each stage to achieve high level reward. Every Playoff and Great card that you receive will be associated with points, and here are the simple rules– the more you attain high points, the more dynamic your rank. There are five different stages which you can play from NBA 2K15’s app to earn rewards for NBA 2K16 companion app.

Know how to get MyCards Collection

On September 8th, the servers will tally up all the points that you have obtained. At the time of MyNBA2K16 releases, you will require to log in with the same account that you had used to claim loyalty rewards for MyNBA2K15, and there you will collect your loyalty points. And for those who are not satisfied with their points and want to move up their total, there will be more exciting events this summer. 2K expressly suggested focusing on Championship and Rivals Clash.

Though not much details have been disclosed by the team of NBA 2K16 about this app yet, but we will keep on updating you as soon as the information is out.

Source – MyNBA2K Official Tumblr

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