Playing NBA2K16 versus playing basketball outside

Since the 90s of the 20th century, computers have invaded our lives and have taken advantage over many physical activities. It is true that they develop the imagination and reflexes but of course, they cannot substitute the other processes which the body uses in order to be strong, fit and healthy. However, can there be anything in common between playing a virtual sport and a real one?

As an example, we can have a look at basketball a popular team sport in which two teams, consisting of five players each, compete with the aim of shooting a basketball through the defender's hoop fighting to prevent the opposing team from scoring a point in their own basket. The match takes place on a rectangular court, and the audience cheers and applauses loudly especially if we talk about NBA league, the USA. It is so loved that inspired Video Concepts, an American developer company, to adopt it as the basis of a simulation video game, called NBA 2K16, which was released in September 2015 and became worldwide famous with the fans.

Why was the game so popular?

What made this game the fastest-selling in the list was exactly that it represents the real scenarios, which you can customize according to your preferences. The atmosphere is almost the same as at the arena, due to the sound effects, shows, commentary, interviews, etc. In addition to this, you have the option to create your own players and even choose their haircuts and tattoos. Addictive, right? On the one hand, the pros of this experience are that you can learn a lot about that sport while feeling like you are the star during the match because the success of the team depends on you and your abilities. On the other hand, the cons are that you can lose track of time which can result in neglecting the everyday tasks, even friends and family. What is more, spending too much time in front of the computer makes you feel lazy and unsocial.

And now let’s go outside!

When playing basketball outdoors not only you use your brain to make strategies and follow the rules, but you also train your muscles, strengthen your whole body and clear away the stress and negative energy which challenges most of us from time to time. Another great aspect is that you socialize, you make bonds with real people, not animations. You are not a sole player, as it looks like while being at home and clicking on the keyboard and mouse. You can see the emotions on the faces, you can feel even the pain in case someone hits you accidentally. After all, this is what challenges you to become better even more.

The truth is that modern life has become a little strange and some young people may find it out-of-date hanging around, while you can sit in the chair comfortably and have fun. For some of us this may sound rare, for others it might be the normal flow, but the best option is if we can find time for both.